iChoose Visa Prepaid Cards
For: You, your Customers, your Employees, your Partners
Get most choices for Visa prepaid gift cards
Get the most choices with your corporate prepaid gift card and the trust of Visa, iChoose gives you all this and more...
Our Features:
  • iChoose Visa prepaid gift cards are as flexible as cash. Recipients can spend them at stores or online
  • No execution worries, iChoose is a turn-key solution. Complete peace of mind
  • Customised prepaid Visa gift card with your company's logo
  • Single load Visa prepaid gift card or reloadable Visa gift cards options to choose from
  • The right industry experience to ensure growth and loyalty
How You Benefit:
  • Like cash, iChoose Visa prepaid card fits with any program making it successful
  • Easy to administer rewards system. A simple spreadsheet everytime and you are done
  • No more promoting gift vouchers of other companies - keep your brand in front 24/7
  • Manage ongoing rewards for the same recipients or use for one-off effective rewarding
  • Over 14 years, we have achieved great results for our clients and we can do the same for you
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Insights from our Clients
"iChoose Corporate Visa prepaid card has allowed us to offer the ultimate rewards to our customers and business partners. The freedom and ability for them to choose the reward THEY want. Having our branding on the card allows us to be front of mind with our target audience, as they carry our company's logo with them everywhere they go."